Fantasy Ltd

Fantasy Ltd Membership Requirements

Thank you for considering Fantasy Ltd as your home on the web for audio chat and social networking.


Before registering for Fantasy Ltd membership please read the information below, and understand that all Fantasy Ltd policies and membership requirements have been implemented in an effort to provide a safe enviroment with security and protection for our members as well as Fantasy Ltd itself.

1.) When registering for membership please understand and remember that your membership registration form must be filled out properly, and with the correct information. For example, in the full name field we expect your real name. Nick names will not be acceptable here. In addition full name means full name. That is first and last at the minimum. First name, or last name only, or any other failure to correctly complete a registration form will result in denial of membership.

Please note that all fields denoted by an asterisk must be filled in.

2.) When registering for membership on Fantasy Ltd we recommend using your own name as your user name. If you choose to use a nickname please choose your user name carefully because it, or your real name will be the name that you will be known by on the site. If your choice of name is approved, you will use this name and your password to log in to the voice chat area of the site.

Please note each of the following requirements, stipulations, or conditions
(a) Because most of our membership will know you by your username, in an effort to avoid confusion, as well as providing a sense of security for our members, we do not allow members to change their user names. With this in mind, please select your user name with care.
(b) User names may be real names or nick names but, email addresses will not be permitted as user names.
(c) A user name may not be approved because it is already in use, or for reasons of profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, racism, bigotry, it is sexual in nature, or for any other cause which might be deemed inappropriate while participating in activities on our family oriented site.

In addition please be advised that the appropriateness of a user name will be totally and completely subject to the discretion of Fantasy Ltd management, and shall not be open for debate.

3.) Your password will be randomly selected by our software. However, after joining Beyond Vision, and receiving your membership confirmation and password via email, you can log on to our community, and change your password to something that might be easier to remember. Just log on to the community, click on the "Update Your Profile" link, and change your password.

4. You are required to provide a valid email address when registering for membership on Fantasy Ltd. This is not only required for approval for membership but, is also necessary because your membership information, including your password will be sent to that email address. In addition, as a member of Fantasy Ltd you are agreeing to provide and maintain a valid email address. This email address will be used to notify our members of upcoming changes to our system or site, or for other notices which management has determined are important for all members to be made aware of. You may rest assured that your email address will not be given out to third parties, or to anybody other than Fantasy Ltd staff. For more detailed information on this matter please see our privacy policy.
As stated above all members are required to maintain a valid, acceptable email address in our data base. If a members email address should change at any time, they should go to the "Update Your Profile" link and update their email address.

Please note that if email is returned to Fantasy Ltd as undeliverable three times from any address, it could result in loss of membership.

5.) Please be advised that falsification of any information provided on our registration form will be cause for immediate revocation of membership, and loss of all privileges on the Fantasy Ltd chat system. And though any such falsification may go undetected, it may be discovered at a later date, in which case membership revocation and banishment will be swift, permanent and without appeal. The decision is yours to make.


Please understand that banning of a member not only bans that user name but, also bans the computer itself.

6.) Please be aware that a member may only join Fantasy Ltd with one user name. Multiple memberships and multiple names will not be allowed.
As suggested above, members should pick their user name with care. Fantasy Ltd will, at the members request change that member's user name one time at no charge. Subsequent changes may be purchased at a cost of $10, which will go into a fund designated for the purpose of purchasing games, services, or other items specifically for the use of Fantasy Ltd, or it's members.
A member may request a change of user name by contacting our tech support department via the "Contact" link found on our main page.

By clicking on the link to join the Fantasy Ltd chat system, you are agreeing to abide by all Fantasy Ltd policies and requirements.