Fantasy Ltd

Chat Policies

Welcome to Fantasy Ltd. We are a privately owned and operated audio chat site with the goal of providing a home on the web where our users can enjoy themselves while feeling comfortable and safe at all times. With this in mind, please read and adhere to the site policies given below.


Please remember that Fantasy Ltd may exercise its right to inact revocation of membership or suspension of privileges for violation of any of the below mentioned policies, or for any other reason in which such action is deemed to be justified by Fantasy Ltd management.

Site Policies


Membership on Fantasy Ltd is open to all ages. Please recognize and remember that all rooms on this site are open to any of our members, so please consider who is listening, and be considerate of other members.
Please remember that Fantasy Ltd is a family oriented chat site. It is in no way a dating, or pickup site, nor is it a porn site, so sexually explicit activities or language in any form is unacceptable.


Please remember that because Fantasy Ltd is a family oriented site, and Our membership may be comprised of all ages, we ask our members to be considerate of the listeners who might be present, neither Fantasy Ltd, it's subsidiaries or associates will be responsible for persons under the age of 18 being present during any activity which might take place on our chat system. In regard to minors, we recommend parental guidance. The actions of a minor are the sole responsibility of their parent or gardian, and Fantasy Ltd will in no way act to control or restrict attendance by persons due to their age.



Abuse of any type whatsoever, while on the Fantasy Ltd chat site will meet with a zero tolerance.
Abuse may include but, not be limited to; harrassment of any type including sexual harrassment, on line stalking, slander, defamation of character, threats made or implied upon any person or group of people, spamming in chat rooms, rudeness, or any other type of abuse, verbal or otherwise.
In addition habitual rudeness, trouble making or any other action which might infringe upon the rights of other Fantasy Ltd Chat users will not be tolerated.


If you are a victim of any form of abuse while on Fantasy Ltd please notify Kevin, either on site, or by email, and Your complaint will meet with immediate response, and after an investigation by our staff measures will be taken to resolve the situation.


If a user fails to respond to a welcome, or if they fail to respond at any time to subsequent attempts to interact they may be booted from the room after a reasonable amount of time. "A reasonable amount of time" is a relative term, and is relative to the situation. In some cases 2 minutes could exceed a reasonable amount of time, while in other situations 30 minutes may not.

Please help us by logging out of a room when you are going to be away from your keyboard for an extended period of time. This will not only be the polite thing to do, it will also conserve valuable bandwidth, and it could help keep you from getting the boot.

In addition, Fantasy Ltd is an audio chat or voice chat system. Microphones are required on our site, and at any time a Fantasy Ltd staff member could request that you speak on your microphone. Failure to do so upon request could result in being booted, suspension of privileges or in extreme cases such as chronic abuse of this policy, revocation of membership.