Fantasy Ltd

Technical Assistance

Fantasy staff shall attempt to render technical assistance whenever technical assistance is needed by its members as long as that assistance is directly related to the use of the Fantasy Ltd chat software.
Fantasy staff members shall not be in any way compelled by management to render or attempt to render assistance on any matter which is not directly related to the use of our chat software but, frequently we may assist with other tech support issues if possible.
Fantasy Ltd Chat members who are not part of the Fantasy Ltd technical support team give technical assistance at their own risk. Any Fantasy member who renders assistance while on this site will be liable for repremand should their assistance or advice be determined to have been destructive to another members equipment. Repeated advice or assistance of this nature could be deemed suitable cause for harsher action.

In addition, all technical assistance of any type, whether offered officially or unofficially will take place in, and be restricted and confined to "tech" rooms.
Technical support may be requested in person or via the email link found below.
To request technical support in person while on the site speak to Kevin.
To request technical support via emailclick here.